Daily Lessons for Teaching When the Legends Die

Hal Borland
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Objective: The students have read the Introductory Poem and Part 1, Chapter 1 in preparation for Daily Lesson #1. The initial scene reveals George Black Bull sneaking home from a fight in which he killed a man. Yet he and his wife Bessie approach the matter in a different manner than the average white citizen might. The objective of Daily Lesson #1 is to examine the opening matter George and Bessie Black Bull face in the initial chapter, and how they approach it.

1) Task #1 - Small Group Activity: All students are to gather in small groups and discuss the matter that has taken place, the individuals involved, the manner in which they approach the matter, the environment where the incident transpired, and other aspects of the story presented thus far in the first chapter.

Task #2 - Writing Assignment: Each student is to individually compile a single page paper concerning Bessie Black...

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