When the Legends Die Fun Activities

Hal Borland
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Bronco Announcers

In this activity the students take turns before the class as though they were an announcer at a large rodeo. Each student is to introduce a rider and announce the ride as if it were actually taking place.

Selecting A Name

The Ute Indians in "When the Legends Die" select their own names as they grow up. Tom Black Bull selected Bear's Brother because he encountered a she-bear, but neither had any fear. Further, he later shared part of his venison with her. Select a name and explain your reason for it.

Emulate Hal Borland's Writing Style

Hal Borland has a unique style of writing in "When the Legends Die." Students are to emulate this style and write their own short story. It may be a continuation of Tom Black Bull returning to town after having spent time on the mountain, or perhaps from some other...

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