When the Legends Die Character Descriptions

Hal Borland
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Bear's Brother - This character is a Native American who selects the name following an encounter with an animal and sharing food with it.

Killer Tom Black - Many horses die in their efforts to throw this cowboy rodeo rider from their backs.

Bessie Black Bull - After her husband runs to the mountains to escape jail, she waits until the middle of the night, then takes her young son and follows her husband into the wilderness.

George Black Bull - One winter while hunting, this character is killed in an avalanche.

Little Black Bull - This character is taken by his parents to the wilderness to live until their deaths.

Thomas Black Bull - This is the protagonist of the story.

Blue Elk - A Native American who makes a living swindling other people, both white and other Indians.

Red Dillon - A former circuit rodeo rider who...

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