When the Legends Die Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hal Borland
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Introduction Poem | Part 1, Chapter 1

• The poem summarizes the tragedy of the demise of the Native American Indian.

• The poem summarizes the specific course of Tom Black Bull, the main character.

• Chapter 1 introduces a number of the main characters: George Black Bull; his wife, Bessie; and Tom, their son who is five years old.

• George has killed another Indian and they will be escaping to the mountains.

• Readers are also introduced to Blue Elk, an unscrupulous Indian who serves as an interpreter for the white man, but attempts to get money from them as well as other Utes.

• Of significant importance is the image of the white man's way juxtaposed with the 'old way' of the Ute Indians.

Part 1, Chapter 2 | Part 1, Chapter 3

• In Chapter 2, Bessie reflects back on the drought in the summer of 1910 when the corn of the reservation burned up.

• George and Bessie accompanied friends to the...

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