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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scarlett do when her sister tells what Toby did in her room?
(a) She tells Toby to get out.
(b) She asks why he was sniffing her lip gloss.
(c) She dismisses her little sister.
(d) She chastises him for using someone else's brush.

2. Who begins to make fun of the featured sideshow person?
(a) Toby.
(b) Cal.
(c) Scarlett.
(d) Tara.

3. To whom was Myrtie Mae rumored to be engaged?
(a) A lawyer.
(b) Ferris.
(c) A doctor.
(d) The sheriff.

4. What does Toby do when he enters Scarlett's bedroom?
(a) Gawks at himself in the mirror.
(b) Sniffs her lip gloss.
(c) Sprays her perfume to smell it.
(d) Uses her hair brush.

5. Who gets kissed on the cheek at the end of Chapter 8?
(a) Cal.
(b) Toby.
(c) Tara.
(d) Scarlett.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Toby learn in the letter he receives in Chapter 11?

2. What do Toby and Cal want to research at the library?

3. Why does Paulie give Ferris an envelope of money?

4. How do the boys know the grocery bag has been seen?

5. Who takes tickets at the sideshow?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Cal always get up so early?

2. Why does Miss Myrtie Mae appear when the crowd starts to form at the trailer when it arrives in Chapter 1?

3. Why do the boys continue to leave food items on Zachary's steps?

4. What is the goal Zachary shares with Cal and Toby when the sheriff takes them to visit?

5. Why is Toby awake extra early at the beginning of Chapter 9?

6. Why does Toby quickly march Tara out of the sideshow trailer on their first visit there?

7. What is a unique effect the cotton gin has on Antler?

8. What questions does Cal ask Zachary the first time he meets him?

9. What is ironic about Cal and Toby chasing taunting fourth graders away from Zachary's trailer?

10. What is ironic about Kate's announcement that she passed her driver's test and now has her license?

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