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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Toby and Cal pass time while waiting at their lookout post?
(a) By playing video games.
(b) By making up stories about Paulie.
(c) By measuring things.
(d) By eating.

2. Where do Toby and Cal go to see all of Antler?
(a) The highest fire escape at the school.
(b) The second floor of Toby's house.
(c) The bowling alley roof.
(d) Gossimer Lake.

3. Why does the Sheriff stop by Toby's house in Chapter 7?
(a) To accuse Toby of breaking the window.
(b) To arrest Toby for torturing Zachary.
(c) To question him about the bowling alley robbery.
(d) To ask Toby and Cal to talk to Zachary.

4. Where is Antler located?
(a) In the Texas panhandle.
(b) In the Florida panhandle.
(c) In the Oklahoma panhandle.
(d) In the Arkansas panhandle.

5. Who do Cal and Toby shout names at in Chapter 4?
(a) Tara.
(b) The town bully.
(c) Paulie.
(d) Kate.

6. What does Cal leave on the steps of Zachary's trailer?
(a) A burger.
(b) A chocolate milk shake.
(c) A piece of chicken.
(d) A snow cone.

7. What does Toby do when he enters Scarlett's bedroom?
(a) Sniffs her lip gloss.
(b) Gawks at himself in the mirror.
(c) Sprays her perfume to smell it.
(d) Uses her hair brush.

8. Who agrees to cut Myrtie Mae's lawn throughout the summer?
(a) Toby.
(b) Billy.
(c) Cal.
(d) Wayne.

9. Which day of the week will Myrtie Mae's lawn get cut?
(a) Sunday.
(b) Monday.
(c) Thursday.
(d) Friday.

10. Who almost gets in trouble while viewing the sideshow?
(a) Scarlett.
(b) Toby.
(c) Cal.
(d) Tara.

11. Who picks up the grocery sack that has been left in Chapter 6?
(a) Ferris.
(b) The sheriff.
(c) Paulie.
(d) Zachary.

12. Who rode Toby's bike at the end of Chapter 4?
(a) Cal.
(b) Toby.
(c) Kate.
(d) Zachary.

13. Who does Toby write to in Chapter 8?
(a) His mother.
(b) His father.
(c) Cal.
(d) Wayne.

14. What famous French landmark does Zachary tell Cal and Toby about in Chapter 11?
(a) The Louvre.
(b) Buckingham Palace.
(c) Big Ben.
(d) The Taj Mahal.

15. Where do Toby and Cal leave a sack of groceries?
(a) At the bowling alley.
(b) At the food pantry.
(c) On Zachary's step.
(d) At the grocery store.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks Cal to write a letter?

2. What does the community discuss over lunch at the diner in Chapter 5?

3. Who took the foil off the cake that Toby hid in the bushes?

4. Where does Toby go in Chapter 8 after dropping his letter in the mail?

5. Which book do Toby and Cal use as the authoritative resource in their research?

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