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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Toby recalls the night his mother packed, what song does he remember her singing?
(a) "That's All Right, Mama."
(b) "All My Exes Live in Texas."
(c) "Amazing Grace."
(d) "Hey, Good Looking."

2. What do Toby and Cal see as Mr. Wilson drives them away from Zachary's trailer?
(a) The sheriff stopping at Zachary's trailer.
(b) A billboard with Toby's mom on it.
(c) Zachary reaches out to get the food off the step.
(d) Kate taking her driving test.

3. How does Toby's mother finish in the singing competition?
(a) She places third.
(b) She wins.
(c) She places second.
(d) She loses all together.

4. What does Scarlett do when her sister tells what Toby did in her room?
(a) She tells Toby to get out.
(b) She chastises him for using someone else's brush.
(c) She dismisses her little sister.
(d) She asks why he was sniffing her lip gloss.

5. What does Zachary say that shows Toby he is lying about all his travels?
(a) All the answers are correct.
(b) That he saw this movie already in London, France.
(c) That he usually travels by limousine.
(d) That he goes to movies all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets asked to dance in Chapter 8?

2. Which of the following businesses is NOT part of downtown Antler?

3. Where is Antler located?

4. Who talks with Toby at the lake?

5. Which day of the week will Myrtie Mae's lawn get cut?

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