Objects & Places from When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

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Dairy Maid

This the local ice cream parlor.


This is a favorite hangout for the main character and is also where his mother worked.

Lake Gossimer

Toby dances with Scarlett near this Antler landmark.


This place is both a work place and a home for one of the characters.

Country Music Contest

This encourages the main character's mother to move.

Gold Box

This holds a Bible.


These contain the information one of the characters has learned about worldwide landmarks.


This protects one of the characters from sightseers.

Grocery Sacks

The main character and a friend leave these for their newest friend in case food in the house gets low.


This gift was given by one character's mother.


This accessory helped one of the characters climb into the back of a truck.


This is actually from the main character to a family...

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