When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Character Descriptions

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Toby Wilson

This thirteen-year-old tries to survive summer vacation in a very small Texas panhandle town.

Cal McKnight

This character will not write a letter to a brother who is in Vietnam.

Wayne McKnight

This character has a profound effect on the characters of the novel despite being millions of miles away.

Zachary Beaver

This character's knowledge of landmarks comes from the books read when alone instead of from actual travel.

Miss Myrtie Mae

This character is the town librarian and historian.

Scarlett and Juan

These characters have been dating a long time, but one of them is the love interest of the main character.

Otto Wilson

This character has three jobs: attorney, postmaster, and worm rancher.

Opalina Wilson

This character moves to Nashville to pursue a career as a country music singer.

Ferris Kelly

This character owns the bowling alley.

Sheriff Levi Fetterman

This character houses many...

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