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Rebecca Stead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Miranda, Colin and Annemarie's jobs at the sandwich shop?
(a) They are fired.
(b) They get more responsibility.
(c) They get more hours.
(d) They get more money.

2. Why are the kids stuck at school during lunch one day?
(a) A naked man is running wild in the area.
(b) A blizzard is hitting the area.
(c) A tornado warning has sounded.
(d) They have to rehearse for a special program.

3. What does Annemarie's father bring to the sleepover?
(a) Special food.
(b) Soft drinks.
(c) Sleeping bag.
(d) Board games.

4. What happens to Julia in Chapter 25?
(a) She joins the track team.
(b) She is thrown out of the sandwich shop.
(c) She is in a car accident.
(d) She is voted Prom queen.

5. What holiday is it in Chapter 38?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Christmas.
(c) New Year's.
(d) Fourth of July.

6. Why do Annemarie, Miranda and Colin give a card to the owner of the sandwich shop?
(a) It is his birthday.
(b) It is Christmas.
(c) His mother died.
(d) They want their jobs back.

7. What does Miranda's mother tell Miranda about Richard in Chapter 34?
(a) Richard got a promotion.
(b) Richard is moving out of state.
(c) Richard wants to get married.
(d) Richard was in a car accident.

8. Miranda and her mother forget that Richard is supposed to meet them _________________.
(a) at the library.
(b) at the museum.
(c) at the restaurant.
(d) at the apartment.

9. What has been stolen from the sandwich shop?
(a) A bank deposit.
(b) Cigarettes.
(c) A ceramic bank.
(d) A case of sodas.

10. In Chapter 32, Miranda's roll count at the sandwich shop is _____________ short.
(a) five.
(b) two.
(c) ten.
(d) three.

11. Why does Miranda get in trouble with her mother?
(a) She did not tell her mother she was going to Annemarie's.
(b) She did not clean her room.
(c) She did not finish her book report.
(d) She got a low grade on her report card.

12. In Chapter 42, Miranda writes a note to _______________ in an attempt to make amends.
(a) Richard.
(b) Louisa.
(c) Julia.
(d) Sal.

13. Miranda sees words scratched into the surface of ____________________.
(a) a car.
(b) a window.
(c) a sign.
(d) the mailbox.

14. What does Miranda notice about Sal when she walks home from school behind him in Chapter 28?
(a) He seems sad.
(b) He has a limp.
(c) He is texting.
(d) He is frightened when he sees Marcus.

15. What is Miranda afraid of in Chapter 25?
(a) That her mother will marry Richard.
(b) That her mother won't get on the game show.
(c) That Annemarie will want to be Julia's best friend again.
(d) That her mother will want to move out of state.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disease does Annemarie have?

2. What is notable about the gift in #134?

3. Who nearly runs over Miranda and Marcus as they talk one day?

4. What do Miranda and her mother think may have happened to the item in #99?

5. Who saves the person in #151?

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