Objects & Places from When You Reach Me

Rebecca Stead
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Mysteries of Science Poster

Miranda is carrying this document on which she wrote about yawning when Sal is punched by Marcus.

Ceramic Bank

The sandwich shop owner warns the kids to stay away from item when he goes to work there.

Spare Key

Miranda and her mother hide this item in the fire hose down the hall from their apartment.

Special Snacks

Annemarie's father brings a box of these for her to eat when she visits friends.


Miranda receives these from an unknown author asking her to write a letter telling her story.

A Wrinkle in Time

This book is Miranda's favorite and she receives a first edition signed by the author for Christmas.


Someone steals these from Miranda's apartment.

Book, Bag, Pocket, Shoe

Miranda sees these words scratched into the side of the mailbox and realizes these are the places where she has found the...

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