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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter one Christopher remembers coming from Cambridge to London in the summer of which year?
(a) 1937.
(b) 1958.
(c) 1931.
(d) 1923.

2. Where do the guests go after the meal and the speech at the Meredith Foundation dinner?
(a) The ballroom.
(b) A fashionable club across the street.
(c) The billiard room.
(d) The parlor.

3. What does Sarah say to Christopher about the Foundation dinner?
(a) Sarah says it has been an embarrassing evening.
(b) Sarah says it has been a passable evening.
(c) Sarah says it has been a dull evening.
(d) Sarah says it has been a marvelous evening.

4. How does Akira feel about Ling Tien?
(a) Akira regards him as an object of ridicule.
(b) Akira thinks of him as a father.
(c) Akira is deeply afraid of Ling Tien.
(d) Akira finds Ling Tien amusing.

5. Who does young Christopher see being very familiar with the plump-faced man?
(a) Uncle Philip.
(b) Christopher's father.
(c) Christopher's mother.
(d) Akira.

Short Answer Questions

1. Years later what does Christopher recognize about the plump-faced man?

2. What are the circumstances of Akira and Christopher's entry into Ling Tien's room?

3. What kind of publishing does Osbourne say he is thinking of going into?

4. How does old Christopher remember Colonel Chamberlain?

5. What becomes of Ling Tien's bottle of lotion?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Christopher feel about Akira the summer prior to his friend's leaving for school in Nagasaki?

2. Describe the game Christopher and Akira invent.

3. Describe the opium campaign meetings.

4. Where is Charles Emery's body found?

5. What kinds of presents does Uncle Philip give Christopher when the boy comes to visit his office?

6. Who is the plump-faced man in Christopher's newspaper photograph?

7. What is the "dining room episode?"

8. How is Christopher's relationship with Mei Li transformed by his mother's abduction?

9. What are Christopher's earliest encounters with Sarah like?

10. Describe the visit of the health inspector to Christopher's home in Shanghai.

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