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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Uncle Philip say "is about as English as they come?"
(a) Christopher.
(b) Christopher's father.
(c) Christopher's mother.
(d) Philip himself.

2. Christopher has an argument over the pronunciation of which English expression?
(a) Governor.
(b) Mate.
(c) Boss.
(d) Old chap.

3. What is the shape of Christopher's London home in Part III?
(a) Tall and wide.
(b) Cozy and dark.
(c) Tall and narrow.
(d) Short and wide.

4. What do Christopher's friends give him for his fourteenth birthday?
(a) A croquet set.
(b) A magnifying glass.
(c) A cricket bat.
(d) A woopie cushion.

5. Where do the guests go after the meal and the speech at the Meredith Foundation dinner?
(a) The parlor.
(b) The billiard room.
(c) A fashionable club across the street.
(d) The ballroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Christopher and Sarah converse at the end of the Meredith Foundation dinner?

2. What is Akira's reaction when he discovers a tear in his kimono?

3. What does Mrs. Banks tell Christopher to reassure him?

4. What prevents Christopher from developing the level of intimacy with his English school friends that he developed with Akira?

5. Who does young Christopher see being very familiar with the plump-faced man?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kinds of presents does Uncle Philip give Christopher when the boy comes to visit his office?

2. How is Christopher's relationship with Mei Li transformed by his mother's abduction?

3. What is the "dining room episode?"

4. What is significant about the disappearance of Jennifer's trunk?

5. What does Akira believe about Ling Tien?

6. How does the Emery case wrap up?

7. What does Akira say when Christopher asks if his parents sometime stop talking to each other?

8. How does Christopher tend to remember his boyhood companion Akira?

9. Describe an instance of Mr. Banks boasting.

10. Where is Christopher's father's study and what are the rules about it?

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