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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mei Li regard Christopher's education?
(a) As a matter of solemn importance.
(b) As a pain in the neck.
(c) As a triffling matter.
(d) As a completely irrelevant matter.

2. When Christopher comes to London from Cambridge he takes a flat in what neighborhood?
(a) Kensington.
(b) Hyde Park.
(c) Knotting Hill.
(d) Downtown.

3. What is Uncle Philip's relationship to the Banks?
(a) Philip is Mr. Banks brother.
(b) Philip is Mrs. Banks uncle.
(c) Philip is Mrs. Banks brother.
(d) Philip is a close family friend, not a real uncle to any of them.

4. What does Christopher overhear one day while working on his lessons with Mei Li in the library?
(a) A band of thieves breaking into the house.
(b) A bitter quarrel between his parents.
(c) A lively party.
(d) A secret meeting on the opium trade.

5. On what terms do Christopher and Sarah leave after the Meredith Foundation dinner?
(a) Christopher and Sarah leave on friendly terms.
(b) Christopher and Sarah leave quite angry with one another.
(c) Christopher and Sarah leave in love with one another.
(d) Christopher and Sarah leave suspicious of one another.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sarah get into the Foundation dinner without an invitation?

2. According to Chamberlain, what will happen to young Christopher if he remains in Shanghai much longer?

3. What does the event Osbourne takes Christopher to turn out to be?

4. What does the silver-haired man offer Christopher?

5. What nickname do the Banks and Uncle Philip call Christopher?

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