When We Were Orphans Character Descriptions

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Christopher Banks

This character is also known as Puffin.


This character is Christopher's best friend.


This character is an orphan socialite.


This character is the adopted daughter of Christopher.

Christopher's mother

This character campaigns strongly against the opium trade.

Christopher's father

This character makes a living working for a trading company that is involved in the profitable business of opium trade.

Uncle Phillip

This character betrays the family by condoning Christopher's kidnapping.

Sir Cecil

This character is honored at the Meredith Dinner.

Mr. McDonald

Christopher suspects this character of being a senior intelligence man.

Mr. Grayson

This character is the actual senior intelligence man, but he does such a good job that Christopher takes him to be a public relations man that keeps harassing him about his parents' welcoming party.


This character is an old schoolmate of Christopher's, who is living in Shanghai at...

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