When We Were Orphans Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Christopher accepts James's invitation to come to a fancy dinner party.
• Christopher sees Sarah Hemmings for the first time and is advised against speaking to her by an older gentleman.

Chapter 2

• Christopher runs into Colonel Chamberlain

• Christopher is irritated by how the Colonel remembers his disposition on the trip from Shanghai to London years ago.
• Sarah Hemmings finds Christopher at Kensington Garden.

• Sarah asks Christopher to invite her to the Meredith Foundation dinner.

• Remembering her previous snub of him, Christopher refuses.

Chapter 3

• Sarah appears at the Meredith dinner and again Christopher declines to take her as his date.

• She makes a scene and gets in anyway.
• After dinner Christopher speaks with the guest of honor, Sir Cecil Medhurst.

• Christopher and Sarah make amends.

Chapter 4

• Christopher remembers Akira would never admit to being wrong.

• Christopher remembers a day in Shanghai when the health inspector told his mother to...

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