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John Christopher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pa's argument for destroying the Tripod?
(a) That there are other forces fighting
(b) That they could be the last hope for the survival of humans
(c) That there's no choice
(d) That they are duty bound to fight for Switzerland

2. Who does the cooking for the group after Ilse's mother dies?
(a) Pa
(b) They take turns
(c) Martha
(d) Ilse

3. What causes Ilse's mother's death?
(a) She freezes to death
(b) She has a heart attack
(c) She jumps from a cliff
(d) There's no apparent cause

4. What does Rudi's mother say about her ailment after being Capped?
(a) That her depression had ended
(b) That her legs no longer hurt
(c) That a bad tooth had been healed
(d) That her rheumatism had improved

5. What does Laurie realize is the problem with facing an army that's been Capped?
(a) They have the Tripod technology behind them
(b) They'll Cap everyone they capture
(c) They don't care if they die
(d) They'll be looking for their family members

6. What does Laurie say about the reason Tripods don't come until after the snow is melted?
(a) That the Tripods didn't want to lose any more units
(b) That the Tripods couldn't navigate in the snow
(c) That the beacon was buried under the snow
(d) That they'd been there earlier but hadn't been seen

7. What is the argument against trying to destroy the Tripod?
(a) That it's the military's job
(b) That someone else is probably already making plans
(c) That they can learn from it
(d) That it might bring attention to them

8. Where does Pa say they'll get gas for the boat?
(a) That they'll have to wait until they reach Guernsey
(b) He says they don't need any because the tanks are full
(c) That he brought gas with him
(d) That they can fill up at the marina

9. How far is it to the nearest house?
(a) Ten miles
(b) Twenty miles
(c) Three miles
(d) A mile

10. What is Pa's reaction when they see the first Tripod in Switzerland?
(a) He says there's nowhere else to go
(b) He predicts the Swiss Army will rally
(c) He says they'll have to return to Dartmoor
(d) He says they'll have to run deeper into the mountains and hide

11. How long is the family told they can stay in the country?
(a) Six months
(b) Seven days
(c) Indefinitely
(d) They must leave immediately

12. How does Karl come to join the group?
(a) He was a hermit living in the mountains
(b) He was young and unCapped when they found him
(c) Pa removed his Cap and he followed when they left him
(d) He is running away when he find the group

13. What does Laurie learn happened to Ilse's father during the night he was gone?
(a) He died
(b) He ran away to be Capped
(c) He had another attack and was taken to the hospital
(d) He recovered

14. Who built the first of the buildings owned by Ilse's family?
(a) A famous architect
(b) Her father
(c) No one knows
(d) Her grandfather

15. Who is Michael Hardy?
(a) The co-pilot
(b) A banker who knows the family
(c) An antique dealer who knows Martha
(d) The pilot

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Martha cook during the trip?

2. How often does the Tripod patrol the area?

3. Who among the villagers are not Capped after the army is defeated?

4. What animals are there at the guesthouse?

5. Why isn't Andy immediately Capped by the villagers?

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