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John Christopher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Laurie say he sees as the most important task for the group?
(a) Destroying Tripods
(b) Keeping food stocked in the tunnels
(c) Finding ways to destroy Caps
(d) Laying the foundations of freedom for future generations

2. What color are the permanent Caps implanted onto the skulls of people?
(a) Gold
(b) Various colors
(c) Silver
(d) Black

3. What does Pa say is Martha's policy with regard to police?
(a) Turn on a signal and wait for them to catch you
(b) Turn a blind eye and put your foot down
(c) Stay in the fast lane and never look back
(d) Stay within the law and you don't have to worry

4. What does Angela buy Ilse for her birthday gift?
(a) A card
(b) Chocolate
(c) A doll
(d) A necklace

5. How long does it take for the Tripods to send a replacement for the patrols?
(a) Four days
(b) There isn't a replacement
(c) Months
(d) A week

6. What does the pilot say when Pa demands that he set a course for Geneva?
(a) He agrees to the demand
(b) He says he'll have to check with the Tripods
(c) He threatens to crash the plane
(d) He asks the co-pilot what to do

7. How old is Rudi?
(a) Ten
(b) Fifteen
(c) Thirteen
(d) Twelve

8. What is the fate of the guesthouse after the family leaves it?
(a) It's taken over by the Capped
(b) It's burned
(c) It's taken over by the Tripods
(d) It becomes a jail

9. What does Pa have in his hand when he returns to the house the second time?
(a) An extra Cap
(b) A shotgun
(c) A strap
(d) A wrench

10. Where does Laurie plan to get the present he's going to give Angela?
(a) From a nearby farm
(b) From the village
(c) From the hotel
(d) He's going to ask Ilse to make it

11. What do the boys call Andy and Laurie when they are at a gift shop at a train station?
(a) Non-Capped
(b) Trippies
(c) Chicken
(d) Dirty English

12. What does Laurie buy in the village after the villagers are Capped?
(a) Camping gear
(b) A radio
(c) New shoes
(d) Bread

13. Who built the first of the buildings owned by Ilse's family?
(a) A famous architect
(b) No one knows
(c) Her grandfather
(d) Her father

14. Who proposes that they set off an avalanche to destroy the Tripod?
(a) Yone
(b) Pa
(c) Laurie
(d) Andy

15. What causes Ilse's mother's death?
(a) There's no apparent cause
(b) She jumps from a cliff
(c) She freezes to death
(d) She has a heart attack

Short Answer Questions

1. How many crew members are there on the plane?

2. Who does the cooking for the group after Ilse's mother dies?

3. How many flashlights does the group have prior to their arrival at the hotel?

4. How does Karl come to join the group?

5. What does Laurie buy Ilse for her birthday gift?

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