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John Christopher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Ilse's mother's death?
(a) She freezes to death
(b) There's no apparent cause
(c) She jumps from a cliff
(d) She has a heart attack

2. How are the soldiers armed when the family arrives in Switzerland?
(a) With a variety of weapons
(b) With automatic weapons
(c) They aren't armed
(d) With small caliber pistols

3. What does the pilot say might be a problem with landing in Geneva?
(a) He doesn't know the way
(b) Fuel
(c) The military will shoot them down
(d) Permission to land

4. What warning is there that France and Germany are about to invade Switzerland?
(a) Broadcasts from an underground radio
(b) Only rumors
(c) No warning at all
(d) Newspaper reports

5. What is the fate of the guesthouse after the family leaves it?
(a) It becomes a jail
(b) It's taken over by the Capped
(c) It's burned
(d) It's taken over by the Tripods

6. Where does Pa say they'll get gas for the boat?
(a) That they'll have to wait until they reach Guernsey
(b) That they can fill up at the marina
(c) That he brought gas with him
(d) He says they don't need any because the tanks are full

7. How many people have beat the family to their new location?
(a) None
(b) About twenty
(c) Seven
(d) Six

8. What do they do with the body of Ilse's mother?
(a) Leave it for the animals
(b) Burn it
(c) Lower it into a crevasse and cover it with snow
(d) Bury it

9. Who built the first of the buildings owned by Ilse's family?
(a) A famous architect
(b) Her father
(c) Her grandfather
(d) No one knows

10. What is the argument against trying to destroy the Tripod?
(a) That someone else is probably already making plans
(b) That it's the military's job
(c) That they can learn from it
(d) That it might bring attention to them

11. Where does Laurie say he found the notebooks he's been writing in?
(a) He bought them in the village
(b) His father bought them
(c) He brought them from home
(d) The hotel

12. What is on the terrace?
(a) A swing
(b) A hammock
(c) A radio
(d) A telescope

13. Who among the villagers are not Capped after the army is defeated?
(a) The women
(b) The very old people
(c) Those who pledge allegiance to the Tripods
(d) The children under age fourteen

14. What animals are there at the guesthouse?
(a) Sheep and goats
(b) Cows and horses
(c) Chickens, ducks and geese
(d) Chickens and two cows

15. Who is Michael Hardy?
(a) A banker who knows the family
(b) An antique dealer who knows Martha
(c) The co-pilot
(d) The pilot

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Laurie greet Ilse when he first sees her?

2. What does Laurie come up with as an idea for a birthday gift for Angela?

3. What does Angela buy Ilse for her birthday gift?

4. What does Pa do that he believes will render the Cap harmless?

5. What does the pilot say when Pa demands that he set a course for Geneva?

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