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John Christopher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Laurie learn his father is planning to do?
(a) Allow them all to be Capped
(b) Return home
(c) Join the army in order to fight
(d) Move the family to an old rail tunnel

2. Who does Pa say is in charge when they arrive in Guernsey?
(a) The Capped
(b) The police
(c) The Royal Family
(d) The uncapped

3. What does Pa have in his hand when he returns to the house the second time?
(a) A shotgun
(b) A wrench
(c) A strap
(d) An extra Cap

4. How does Laurie see the first Tripod in Switzerland?
(a) He sees it on television
(b) It approaches the guest house
(c) It's in the village when he goes for bread
(d) Through the telescope

5. How does Martha get the money they need for tickets?
(a) She calls on a bank manager
(b) She draws on a credit card
(c) She sells some jewelry
(d) She cashes a check

6. What is the fate of the guesthouse after the family leaves it?
(a) It's taken over by the Tripods
(b) It becomes a jail
(c) It's burned
(d) It's taken over by the Capped

7. What does Laurie realize is the problem with facing an army that's been Capped?
(a) They don't care if they die
(b) They'll Cap everyone they capture
(c) They have the Tripod technology behind them
(d) They'll be looking for their family members

8. Who is waiting for the group as they disembark from the train?
(a) Ilse's mother and a servant
(b) Ilse
(c) No one
(d) The police

9. How many police roadblocks are there on the way to the boat?
(a) Two
(b) One
(c) None
(d) Three

10. What does Laurie say about the reason Tripods don't come until after the snow is melted?
(a) That the beacon was buried under the snow
(b) That they'd been there earlier but hadn't been seen
(c) That the Tripods couldn't navigate in the snow
(d) That the Tripods didn't want to lose any more units

11. What is the ice sculpture that intrigues Andy?
(a) A butterfly
(b) A car
(c) A fairy
(d) A king

12. Who is Rudi's father?
(a) The policeman
(b) The gardener
(c) The owner of the general store
(d) The mailman

13. What does the pilot say when Pa demands that he set a course for Geneva?
(a) He asks the co-pilot what to do
(b) He agrees to the demand
(c) He threatens to crash the plane
(d) He says he'll have to check with the Tripods

14. Who is living at the guesthouse when Laurie and his family arrive?
(a) Only Ilse's parents and a handyman
(b) Ilse's parents and grandparents and several servants
(c) Ilse's extended family
(d) Ilse's parents, a gardener, a handyman and two maids

15. What does Laurie say he sees as the most important task for the group?
(a) Laying the foundations of freedom for future generations
(b) Destroying Tripods
(c) Keeping food stocked in the tunnels
(d) Finding ways to destroy Caps

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Martha cook during the trip?

2. What kind of animals are seen by the group as they head up the mountain?

3. What does Pa say is Martha's policy with regard to police?

4. How does Laurie greet Ilse when he first sees her?

5. What is Pa's reaction when they see the first Tripod in Switzerland?

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