When the Tripods Came Short Essay - Answer Key

John Christopher
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1. How much input does the author say he had in the movie project and why does he say that's acceptable?

He says that he, as the author of the book, had little or no say in the making of the movie. The author says that's acceptable because writing a movie script is much different from writing a book.

2. What are the objections the science fiction writer has to the storyline of the Tripods?

The writer said that the story wasn't believable because the Tripods didn't have infrared capabilities, therefore couldn't be taken seriously. The writer says that the Tripods were "improbable."

3. What does the author say about a science fiction writer's ability to predict the future?

He says that science fiction writers are unable to guess what might be used or available in the future. He says few writers have guessed correctly compared to many who haven't. A notable exception, in this author's opinion, is H.G. Wells, who wrote about military tanks long before tanks were being used.

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