When the Tripods Came Fun Activities

John Christopher
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Make a Tripod

Have students create a model of a Tripod. Encourage the use of any material, including aluminum foil, bolts and modeling clay.

What happens next?

Have students write an essay outlining what happens to the members of Laurie's group after the end of the book.

Put on a play

Have students act out a scene from the story. As an alternative, break students into groups of five to eight with each group acting out a separate scene.

Broadcast the news

Have students record a broadcast of the arrival of the Tripods or of any significant event during the invasion. This is a good opportunity to present the events that occurred around the radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" during which some people believed it to be a real newscast.

Make a Diorama

Have students create a diorama of any scene in the book.

Who am I?

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