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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes Duff and Sean an offer to consolidate their interests?

2. Where does Sean find Katrina when he gets out of the shower?

3. Why does Candy want to talk to Sean?

4. What sound is Sean unfamiliar with in the mine?

5. Which way do Sean and Duff decide to travel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the actions leading up to Sean's attack. Should he have tried to save the dogs or should he have tried to escape?

2. What all does Sean have to do once he realizes Duff is gone in Chapter 25?

3. Why does Sean need to bring a priest back to the camp so quickly?

4. Duff and Sean didn't believe Max when he first approached them in Chapter 28. What factors influence them and make them change their mind?

5. Sean is anxious to help the women at the Leroux camp. Why? Why does he continue going out of his way to be helpful?

6. What happens to Katrina as a result of her illness? What was the emotional impact?

7. Describe Duff's reaction to the rabid jackal attack?

8. Along with access to water, why do the men decide to travel away from the desert?

9. How does the Christmas celebration in Chapter 24 differ from the previous year?

10. Why doesn't Hlubi want to leave the mountain village with Sean? What reason does he give, and what is the real reason?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Duff is attacked by a rabid jackal and has to go through the pain of injuries and the pain of waiting to see if he is going to become rabid as well. After 18 days, the dog involved in the fight does become rabid. Describe the array of feelings Duff goes through between the attack and the day that he finally succumbs to rabies. What techniques does the author use to take the reader through Duff's emotions and Sean's emotions? What emotions is the author trying to portray?

Essay Topic 2

Sean is devastated when Karl shoots himself as a result of the takeover. Explain what you think prompts Sean to take Karl over, even though he is a friend and why you think those actions caused such remorse. Do you believe his relationship with his brother had anything to do with his feelings of guilt?

Essay Topic 3

"When the Lion Feeds" takes place in Africa during the late 1800's. What else is going on in the world? Are there other events taking place around the world that impact Africa? Do you think world politics impact the main characters of the story? Why or why not?

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