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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the orderly officer react when the Ladyburg Mounted Rifles show up at the battle site?

2. What ideas does Sean have to save and make money?

3. How does Anna secretly feel about Theunis Kraal?

4. How does Duff decide to earn the extra money they need?

5. Duff and Sean receive information that someone is looking to purchase valuable stakes. Who do some of the most valuable stakes belong to?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Anna's reaction to each brother effect Garrick in Chapter 9?

2. How do Anna's feelings for Garrick change through Chapters 22 - 24 during their honeymoon?

3. What feelings and emotions does Sean have as a result of Garrick's accident in Chapter 3?

4. How would you describe the blossoming friendship between Sean and Duff in Chapters 1 - 4?

5. Why do Sean and Duff need to keep the mine running in Chapter 11?

6. How does the way that Anna and Garrick marry in Chapter 22 symbolize their relationship?

7. How does Garrick feel about his heroic act in Chapter 20?

8. How does the relationship between Anna and Sean change between Chapters 10 - 12?

9. Sean trusts Duff with the rest of his money in Chapter 6 after knowing him for a short period of time. Was that a wise move?

10. Why is Candy impressed with the men when they come to visit her hotel in Chapter 5?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Katrina and Sean's baby will be considered illegitimate if a priest doesn't arrive in time to marry them before the baby is born even though they are in a committed loving relationship. How does this compare to relationships, marriage, and families today?

Essay Topic 2

The stock exchange set up by the men in Johannesburg is not unlike today's stock market. They are able to use tactics to make stock prices go up and down in order to accompany what they want. Compare these actions to today's market and explain how they are able to manipulate it.

Essay Topic 3

It's very ironic that Sean returns after Anna and Garrick are married. Anna knows that she's made a mistake, but there is nothing she can do. She is married to Garrick. What does irony mean? Why does the author use irony to describe the relationship between Anna, Garrick, and Sean? Name other ways the author uses irony in this book. Give your own example of irony.

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