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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Katrina take an immediate dislike to?
(a) Audry.
(b) Dennis.
(c) Candy.
(d) Anna.

2. What does Katrina say is in the chamber pot?
(a) Vomit.
(b) Milkwater.
(c) Cloudy discharge.
(d) Blackwater.

3. Who does Sean meet in Nova Sofala?
(a) Father Alphonso.
(b) Father Greer.
(c) Father Hlubi.
(d) Father Leroux.

4. What do Sean and Duff plan to bury and retrieve on their way back?
(a) Their extra weapons.
(b) The only gold they have left.
(c) The ivory tusks they've collected.
(d) Elephant bones.

5. Where do Sean, Duff, and the Zulus stop first on their journey?
(a) Ladyburg.
(b) Johannesburg.
(c) Theunis.
(d) Pretoria.

6. Why does Sean go running into the swollen river?
(a) He is chasing after Ouma with the Leroux camp.
(b) His horse goes charging into the water.
(c) He is chasing the Leroux camp which has left.
(d) He sees a member of the Leroux camp drowning.

7. What happens after Sean and Katrina share a bed?
(a) They find a priest right away and are married.
(b) Her stomach starts to grow with pregnancy.
(c) She decides it was a mistake.
(d) She loves him even more.

8. What prompts Katrina to let Sean into her bed?
(a) She realizes their lives could end at any moment.
(b) She feels sorry for him because he was attacked.
(c) She believes it is the right thing to do.
(d) She decides they will never find a priest.

9. What does Sean get under to save himself while trapped in the mine?
(a) The cocopan.
(b) Fallen support beams.
(c) Mining carts.
(d) Equipment and machinery.

10. Who wants to know whether or not Sean is going to go hunting?
(a) Katrina.
(b) Mbejane.
(c) Jan Paulus.
(d) Sean.

11. How does Sean get trapped in the mine?
(a) He is trapped by the stamp mill.
(b) He is knocked unconcious by falling rocks.
(c) He runs back to warn the men at the face then trips.
(d) He follows Francois down the wrong tunnel.

12. What does Sean plan to do to protest Katrina's request?
(a) Not speak to her.
(b) Refuse to help her with anything.
(c) Find another wife.
(d) Keep her locked in a wagon.

13. What happens between Jan and Sean during dinner?
(a) Sean invites Jan to go hunting.
(b) They compete over eating to see who can eat more.
(c) They get into another argument.
(d) Jan apologizes for attempting to take Sean's camp.

14. Who is the primary stakeholder in the new company?
(a) Candella Rautenbach.
(b) Norman Hradsky.
(c) Dufford Charleywood.
(d) Sean Courtney.

15. When does Sean return to Candy's Deep?
(a) He does not return.
(b) The following week.
(c) The next day.
(d) Three days later.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Duff have his first convulsion?

2. What does Katrina do that impresses Sean?

3. Who does Sean sell his wagon loads of ivory to?

4. How does Duff start to feel about Candy after Duff and Sean find success and are building their new home?

5. Which of the men feel more comfortable in the wilderness?

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