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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is waiting to greet Anna and Garrick when they return to Theunis Kraal?
(a) Anna's father.
(b) Sean.
(c) Anna's brother.
(d) Waite.

2. Who saves Sean in return for saving his life?
(a) Waite
(b) Garrick
(c) Steff
(d) Mbejane

3. How was Sean ambushed during the Chelmsford campaign?
(a) He was searching for water.
(b) He was scouting ahead looking for cattle.
(c) He was tricked by Mbejane.
(d) He was lured by a small party of Zulu warriors.

4. Who does Duff bet that he can get the equipment up and running first?
(a) Max Allman.
(b) Francois du Toit.
(c) Norman Hradsky.
(d) Jock Heyns.

5. Where are the men from Ladyburg going to fight?
(a) In the countryside.
(b) Natal.
(c) Zululand.
(d) Theunis Kraal.

6. Sean starts to consider getting married after seeing Garrick and Anna are married. Who does he consider marrying?
(a) Michelle.
(b) Courtney.
(c) Audrey.
(d) Anna.

7. What does the name Mbejane mean?
(a) Lion.
(b) Horse.
(c) Rhinoceros.
(d) Zebra.

8. How does Duff cover the cost of the equipment he's purchased when the claims deal falls through?
(a) He steals the money he needs from neighboring claims.
(b) He borrows money from Hradsky.
(c) He releases some of the servants to free up cash.
(d) He gets a note of credit from the bank.

9. What causes the boys to get kicked out of school?
(a) Sean's noises and imitations.
(b) Mr. Clark hits Garrick, sending Sean into a rage.
(c) Sean's endless torment of his classmates.
(d) An outburst from Garrick after someone makes fun of his peg leg.

10. What are Garrick's first words as he recovers?
(a) He asks for his parents.
(b) He asks for Sean.
(c) He asks what happened to him.
(d) He asks for food and water.

11. In what new venture do Dufford and Sean have a fifty-fifty partnership?
(a) Mining for gold.
(b) Farming.
(c) Mining for diamonds.
(d) Cattle herding.

12. What does Garrick anxiously await as he recovers?
(a) The chance to ride and run again.
(b) His return to school.
(c) His brother's weekends at home.
(d) The gifts Sean brings him.

13. What does Sean make everyone do before attacking the people trespassing on their stake?
(a) Get into formations.
(b) Find out why they are there.
(c) Wait until the trespassers are on Candy Deep property.
(d) Nothing. He does not ask them to wait.

14. What ideas does Sean have to save and make money?
(a) All options.
(b) Buy as much land as possible for grazing.
(c) Lease as much land as possible for grazing.
(d) Sell most of the cattle before the war, and buy them back for half the price after.

15. What does Garrick believe happened between Sean and Anna?
(a) He believes Sean and Anna had an affair.
(b) He believes Sean and Anna want to run away together.
(c) He believes Anna when she tells him Sean attacked her.
(d) He believes she told Sean the truth about the baby being his.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Sean and Duff run out of money needed to keep Candy's Deep running?

2. Who do Sean, Duff, and Hradsky take over when he leaves himself vulnerable?

3. What happens when Garrick goes down the hall with the gun to find Sean?

4. What does Hradsky call the men together to discuss?

5. Several emotions are felt as a result of Garrick's accident. Who is angry with Sean?

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