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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Garrick anxiously await as he recovers?
(a) His return to school.
(b) The chance to ride and run again.
(c) His brother's weekends at home.
(d) The gifts Sean brings him.

2. When does Anna tell Sean the truth about her pregnancy?
(a) When he comes in from tending cattle for the day.
(b) After she has been drinking.
(c) While Garrick is working.
(d) When he unexpectedly returns to the house from Ada's without Garrick.

3. In what new venture do Dufford and Sean have a fifty-fifty partnership?
(a) Cattle herding.
(b) Mining for gold.
(c) Farming.
(d) Mining for diamonds.

4. Why is Garrick offered the Victorian Cross?
(a) He transported men to safety.
(b) He took on a group of Zulu warriors himself.
(c) He fell against the door and held back the Zulus.
(d) He helped rescue prisoners.

5. Who comes after Sean with table legs ready to fight?
(a) Charley.
(b) A Zulu worker.
(c) A Portuguese man.
(d) Francois.

6. What happens when Sean comes home and asks about Garrick's leg?
(a) Garrick's fear of the leg sends him back into a delirium.
(b) His father tells him about the episode Garrick had.
(c) The mood grows tense and terse.
(d) Garrick happily shows him his new peg leg.

7. How was Sean ambushed during the Chelmsford campaign?
(a) He was lured by a small party of Zulu warriors.
(b) He was searching for water.
(c) He was scouting ahead looking for cattle.
(d) He was tricked by Mbejane.

8. What ideas does Sean have to save and make money?
(a) Lease as much land as possible for grazing.
(b) All options.
(c) Buy as much land as possible for grazing.
(d) Sell most of the cattle before the war, and buy them back for half the price after.

9. What does Hradsky call the men together to discuss?
(a) He's leaving town and wants them to take over his claims.
(b) Combining their claims.
(c) Starting a social club.
(d) Creating a stock exchange.

10. Where are Sean and Duff headed after they leave Dundee?
(a) Witwatersrand.
(b) Theunis Kraal.
(c) Ladyburg.
(d) Pretoria.

11. Who does Sean visit right away upon his return home?
(a) Mr. Pye.
(b) Local farmers in order to accommodate the cattle he brought back.
(c) Garrick and Anna.
(d) Ada and Audrey.

12. What do Sean and Duff agree to do with the money they get first?
(a) They purchase more claims and equipment.
(b) They hide the money.
(c) They pay back the banks.
(d) They pay back Candy and others.

13. What ulterior motive does Anna have for visiting Garrick?
(a) She is looking for Sean.
(b) She missed him and his brother.
(c) She wants him to loan her money.
(d) She is pregnant and alone.

14. Who is Nikki speaking to when Duff goes to find him?
(a) Waite Courtney.
(b) Candy Rautenbach.
(c) Norman Hradsky.
(d) Francois du Toit.

15. What does Garrick try for the first time during his honeymoon with Anna?
(a) Snails.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Smoking.
(d) Fish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Garrick believe happened between Sean and Anna?

2. How does the orderly officer react when the Ladyburg Mounted Rifles show up at the battle site?

3. Where is the last place Sean visits before leaving Ladyburg?

4. Sean starts to consider getting married after seeing Garrick and Anna are married. Who does he consider marrying?

5. What sends Garrick back into a delirious fog?

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