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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was Sean ambushed during the Chelmsford campaign?
(a) He was lured by a small party of Zulu warriors.
(b) He was scouting ahead looking for cattle.
(c) He was tricked by Mbejane.
(d) He was searching for water.

2. Of the twins, Sean is:
(a) The dominent, outgoing, and courageous brother.
(b) Quiet and reserved.
(c) More of a follower, not a leader.
(d) Angry, easily upset, and unpredictable.

3. Several emotions are felt as a result of Garrick's accident. Who is angry with Sean?
(a) Garrick.
(b) Waite.
(c) Karlie.
(d) Ada.

4. What does Duff get with the last amount money he receives from a local business owner?
(a) Parts for the stamp mill.
(b) Prime beef chops for dinner.
(c) Extra wagons.
(d) Nice clothes for him and Sean.

5. What is the result of 10 tons of rock passing through the stamp mill?
(a) A pea size piece of gold.
(b) No gold at all.
(c) Two ounces of gold.
(d) One pound of gold.

6. What does the name Mbejane mean?
(a) Zebra.
(b) Rhinoceros.
(c) Horse.
(d) Lion.

7. Who saves Sean in return for saving his life?
(a) Garrick
(b) Waite
(c) Mbejane
(d) Steff

8. Where does Sean go first after his fight with Garrick?
(a) He goes to the fields to let out all the cattle to be vindictive.
(b) His mother's house.
(c) He goes to find Mbejane's kraal.
(d) He goes to Anna's father's house.

9. Who does Sean meet during a bar fight?
(a) Alexander Smith.
(b) Dufford Charleywood.
(c) John Phillip.
(d) Garrick Courtney.

10. What happens when Garrick tries to join Anna in their honeymoon suite?
(a) She cries.
(b) She asks him to sleep on the couch.
(c) She is already asleep.
(d) She laughs at him.

11. Who comes after Sean with table legs ready to fight?
(a) Charley.
(b) Francois.
(c) A Zulu worker.
(d) A Portuguese man.

12. Who does Sean leave his share of Theunis Kraal to?
(a) Garrick.
(b) Garrick's first born child.
(c) Ada.
(d) Anna.

13. Who does Sean visit right away upon his return home?
(a) Ada and Audrey.
(b) Garrick and Anna.
(c) Mr. Pye.
(d) Local farmers in order to accommodate the cattle he brought back.

14. What news does Waite bring from Pietermaritzburg?
(a) He has been made Mayor of Ladyburg.
(b) The city is overtaken by war.
(c) War has been declared by the Zulus, and a regiment is to be formed.
(d) He is Chairman of the Farmers Association.

15. Where are Sean and Duff headed after they leave Dundee?
(a) Theunis Kraal.
(b) Witwatersrand.
(c) Ladyburg.
(d) Pretoria.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Duff elected the chairman of?

2. New Years Day is a double celebration in Ladyburg for what reason?

3. What does Garrick anxiously await as he recovers?

4. Who gives Sean and Duff a last little bit of money when it runs out again?

5. How does Sean convince Anna to consummate their relationship?

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