When the Lion Feeds Short Essay - Answer Key

Wilbur Smith
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1. What feelings and emotions does Sean have as a result of Garrick's accident in Chapter 3?

Sean feels extremely guilty and sad about the accident. He clearly blames himself for what happened. He feels so bad he chases after his parents when they take Garrick to the doctor. He watches as his brother's leg is removed, which makes his guilt even stronger.

2. How does Garrick feel initially about using his new peg leg, and how does he react to it once it is on in Chapter 5?

At first, Garrick is excited about the new leg his dad widdles for him. He is anxious to show Sean what he can do when he comes home over the weekends from school. However, once the leg is on and Garrick starts to walk around, he becomes wildly afraid of falling. He becomes so terrified that he passes into delirium and is unconscious for many hours. When he joins his parents for dinner, they don't talk about the leg or the episode.

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