Objects & Places from When the Lion Feeds

Wilbur Smith
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Theunis Kraal - This is the homestead of the Courtney family.

Ladyburg - The closest town to the Courtney home, this is a town with burnt brick or whitewashed houses, wide streets, and a center square.

Pietermaritzburg - This is the town that Garrick and Anna go to in order to get married.

Dundee - A day's ride from the mouth of the pass into the mountains, this is where Sean meets Dufford Charleywood, who becomes his equal partner in their mining ambitions.

Witwatersrand - Meaning the ridge of white waters, this place is where Sean and Duff head to find gold.

Xanadu - Name of the house that Dufford Charleywood and Sean Courtney build after becoming millionaires.

Candy Deep - Name of the mine that makes Dufford Charleywood and Sean Courtney millionaires.

Little Sister - Secondary mine opened after the first strikes gold.

Nkosi - Mister...

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