When the Lion Feeds Fun Activities

Wilbur Smith
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Covered Wagons

The only modes of transportation in the book are horseback, boats, and covered wagons. Have the students use construction paper, yarn, cloth, wheels, and tongue depressors to build their own covered wagons.

Hassling the Teacher

Sean endlessly torments Mr. Clarke until he and Garrick are ultimately kicked out of school. How much of this could you take? Take turns going in front of the class and trying to teach while one person in the class makes jokes, bugs other students, and makes noises. Would you kick the student out?

Writing a Letter to the Governor

Write a letter to the Governor taking a stand either for or against the war against the Zulus. It is the Zulus that make a formal declaration of war, but how can the Governor respond differently? Should he have responded differently or did he take the right course of action? Be...

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