When the Lion Feeds Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Wilbur Smith
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Essay Topic 1

Garrick and Sean share a close relationship as twins. However, that relationship, their individual lives, and their lives together have been undeniably changed by Garrick's accident. Describe how each of those dynamics is changed due to the accident and how each one of those areas impacts the other. For example, how does Sean's guilt change the brother's relationship? How does the accident change Garrick's future? How does it change Sean's future? What do you think their lives would have been like if there had been no accident?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the relationship Anna has with both Sean and Garrick, and how she impacts their relationship as brothers. Even though Anna eventually drives a wedge between the two brothers, her actions actually set Sean on the path that defines the rest of his life, his success, and his ultimate tragedy. What role does Anna play in putting...

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