When the Lion Feeds Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Part 1, Natal: Chapters 1-3 | Part 1, Natal: Chapters 4-6

• The dynamic between the two brothers is introduced.

• That dynamic changes when Garrick is accidentally shot by Sean during a hunting trip.

• Sean feels an immense sense of grief because he is the one responsible.

• Garrick has difficulty recovering at first, and his father believes he is dying at one point.

• As he recovers, Garrick looks forward to his brother's weekends at home from school.

• His father widdles him a wooden peg leg, which Garrick is excited about at first, but then develops an irrational fear of falling.

Part 1, Natal: Chapters 7-9 | Part 1, Natal: Chapters 10-12

• During one of Sean's visits home from school, he inquires about Garrick's new leg, not knowing what had happened while he was gone.

• The initial reaction is not positive, although Sean does give Garrick the confidence and help he needs to learn to use...

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