When the Emperor Was Divine: A Novel Character Descriptions

Julie Otsuka
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Character Descriptions

Mother - In the first chapter, the quality that stands out in regard to this woman is her amazing poise in the face of adversity. She knows she is about to be taken away from her home, her husband is already incarcerated, and she knows she has limited ability to protect her children.

Girl - She is a typical ten-year-old who has a favorite candy, a favorite song, is beginning to like boys, and she enjoys mildly picking on her little brother. She has a beautiful exuberance and enthusiasm for life.

Boy - Because of his young age, he has a tendency to take everything literally, and this gives the novel some of its few moments of humor and a few warm moments.

Father - He is described as a man who absolutely delights in being near his children, a man who is never too busy to...

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