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Irvin D. Yalom
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Short Answer Questions

1. During their second session, what does Breuer confess about his feelings towards his professional and personal life?

2. How does Nietzsche behave toward Breuer as Breuer gets his heart under control?

3. In Nietzsche's letter to Peter Gast, what does he write about concerning his hospital stay?

4. According to Nietzsche, why has he agreed to meet with Breuer?

5. When Nietzsche arrives to hear the answers for his three questions, what does Breuer tell him about blindness?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has Breuer decided on a new plan to propose to Nietzsche?

2. What is Breuer's motive in sharing his dream with Nietzsche?

3. What does the letter to Peter Gast reveal?

4. How does Nietzsche react about Breuer's answers to his three questions?

5. According to Nietzsche, what does "dying at the right time" mean?

6. How does Breuer behave in getting Nietzsche to agree to treatment?

7. What is Breuer's attitude about Max's advice?

8. What kind of relationship does Breuer have with Max as opposed to Mathilde?

9. What makes Breuer even more desperate to help Nietzsche after he saves his life?

10. What meaning is attached to Breuer's wonderment if he and Nietzsche are truly friends?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the effect, if any, of these 'real characters' being in a book of fiction?

Essay Topic 2

How is the title accurate in its promise of a turning point of "When Nietzsche Wept"?

Essay Topic 3

How do all the "Berthas" shape Breuer's life?

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