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Irvin D. Yalom
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Breuer find Nietzsche at the guest house?
(a) In a drunken stupor.
(b) Agitated and thrashing.
(c) In a near comatose state.
(d) Sleeping and drooling.

2. Why is Breuer agitated the Friday night after Nietzsche leaves him?
(a) Nietzsche won't pay him money.
(b) Nietzsche hurt his feelings.
(c) Breuer wasted time on Nietzsche.
(d) Breuer did not get what he wanted.

3. What does Breuer tell Nietzsche about his health after his attack?
(a) Bringing stress into his life will be deadly.
(b) Traveling so soon after is very dangerous.
(c) Recovering completely is impossible now.
(d) Getting migraines will be more common now.

4. What tradition does the Breuer family hold with Mathilde's sister and their families?
(a) Thanksgiving breakfast.
(b) Friday evening supper.
(c) Christmas caroling.
(d) Birthday celebrations.

5. At the start of their second session, Nietzsche and Breuer agree to try to work __________________.
(a) Respectfully with each other.
(b) Silently with each other.
(c) Amiably together.
(d) Apart from each other.

6. When Breuer sees Nietzsche after his attack, how does Breuer believe he feels about helping Nietzsche?
(a) Completed.
(b) Irritated.
(c) Obsessed.
(d) Eager.

7. Why does Herr Schlegel not want Nietzsche to die in the guest house?
(a) It would force him to deal with the police.
(b) It would be bad for business.
(c) It would cost him money.
(d) It would hurt his emotional health.

8. According to Breuer's second session with Nietzsche, how does Breuer feel as an adult about his life's earlier goals?
(a) He wasted time trying to achieve them.
(b) The goals were unrealistic.
(c) The goals were not his choice.
(d) He has easily succeeded at them.

9. How did Mathilde meddle in Breuer's professional life several months ago?
(a) She attended his staff meetings when Eva was present.
(b) She interrupted his counseling sessions.
(c) She insisted he fire Eva Berger.
(d) She made him change office buildings.

10. What plan does Breuer propose to Nietzsche on the Monday morning following Nietzsche's illness?
(a) For both men to undergo the same treatment.
(b) For the men to part ways.
(c) For the men to treat each other.
(d) For Nietzsche to record his events for his next book.

11. How does Breuer feel about Mathilde's meddling in his professional life a few months ago?
(a) He thinks she was bored.
(b) He thinks she was unfair.
(c) He now realizes she was right.
(d) He wishes she wasn't so mean.

12. The morning after Nietzsche reads a letter from Elisabeth, what do Josef and Mathilde argue about?
(a) How much time Josef spends with his patients.
(b) How much money Josef spends on himself.
(c) Why Josef won't move offices.
(d) When Josef gets home from work.

13. When Nietzsche arrives to hear the answers for his three questions, what does Breuer reveal as the best course of treatment?
(a) Physical therapy.
(b) Diet and exercise program.
(c) Exercise program.
(d) Hospitalization.

14. When Nietzsche becomes lucid, how does he behave toward Breuer?
(a) Quiet and embarrassed.
(b) Thankful and weepy.
(c) Icy and reserved.
(d) Mad and shameful.

15. The session after Lou storms out, what does Breuer share with Nietzsche to begin the session?
(a) His money problems.
(b) A dream he had.
(c) His distrust in Mathilde.
(d) A patient file.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nietzsche behave toward Breuer as Breuer gets his heart under control?

2. What is Nietzsche's first reaction to Breuer's proposed plan?

3. During their first session, how does Nietzsche behave as he talks to Breuer?

4. Where does Nietzsche plan to go after refusing treatment in the consultation?

5. What does Breuer ask of Max the Friday after Nietzsche leaves him?

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