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Irvin D. Yalom
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Nietzsche first arrives at Breuer's office, what do the two men discuss first?
(a) Nietzsche's previous treatments and physicians.
(b) Breuer's credentials and publications.
(c) Nietzsche's love life.
(d) Breuer's friendship with Freud.

2. How does Lou describe Elisabeth to Josef?
(a) Anti-Semantic, mean-spirited, and divisive.
(b) Bland, ordinary, and simple.
(c) Fun, out of control, and silly.
(d) Ignorant, uneducated, and clumsy.

3. Nietzsche tells Breuer that if he hadn't resigned as a professor, he is convinced what would have happened?
(a) He would have been arrested.
(b) He would have been driven away by those who didn't trust him.
(c) He would have travelled and been happy.
(d) He would have settled down with a wife.

4. Since Breuer feels confident during the first consultation, he prepares to _______________.
(a) Give Nietzsche his first shock therapy.
(b) Ask Nietzsche about Lou Salome.
(c) Prepare Nietzsche for his vaccines.
(d) Begin the portion of the consultation dealing with medical history.

5. What is Breuer surprised about concerning Nietzsche's illness?
(a) He is surprised by the complexity of Nietzsche's illness.
(b) He is surprised another doctor hasn't made the simple diagnosis.
(c) He is surprised Nietzsche takes so many medicines.
(d) He is surprised by the physical aspects of it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where has Nietzsche previously had a professorship?

2. Where does Nietzsche plan to go after refusing treatment in the consultation?

3. A week after Lou meets Breuer at his office, she sends him a note that states what?

4. As Breuer dismisses Nietzsche's final argument against treatment, what does Breuer ask him?

5. According to Nietzsche, why has he agreed to meet with Breuer?

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