When Nietzsche Wept Fun Activities

Irvin D. Yalom
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Unholy Trinity

Research the "Unholy Trinity" as it relates to Nietzsche, Salmome, and Ree. Write a summary telling about the nonfictional Unholy Trinity.


Explain how Breuer and Nietzsche treat each other using 'chess game' terminology.


Find ten French words used throughout the novel and translate them.

Olden Times

Find examples of situations that characters struggle with that no longer occur because of the difference in time periods.


Look at five psychological terms from the novel. Research and explain what they mean.


Research and write a summary of what role Freud played in psychology.


Draw a cartoon of at least four slides depicting a humorous part of the play.

Hypnotic State

Find professional opinions of those who believe hypnosis works and those who believe hypnosis is not possible. Judge for yourself and create a slide show explaining and supporting your outcome.


Choose two...

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