When Nietzsche Wept Character Descriptions

Irvin D. Yalom
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Dr. Josef Breuer - This character is an eminent Viennese physician who dabbles in psychology and treats many wealthy and famous people.

Friedrich Nietzsche - This character suffers from migraine headaches and writes.

Lou Salome - This character, who is beautiful, behaves in a straightforward manner and doesn't believe in marriage.

Sigmund Freud - This character is a medical student and spends much time at the Breuer household.

Mathilde Breuer - This character comes from a wealthy Jewish family that is not very religious but very prominent in the medical community.

Bertha Pappenheim - This character is a patient who suffers from hysteria.

Eva Berger - This character is a young and attractive nurse.

Max - This character is a doctor who plays chess every Friday night and tries to help relatives.

Elisabeth Nietzsche - This character tries to get another character deported for immoral behavior.


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