When Nietzsche Wept Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Irvin D. Yalom
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Chapter 1

• Lou Salome sends Josef Breuer, a renowned physician, a note while he is on vacation in Venice.

• Lou tells Josef about her friend, Friedrich Nietzsche. She is worried about her friend because he is suicidal.
• Dr. Breuer thinks about his sexual relationship with a patient named Bertha and his wife, Mathilde.

• Dr. Breuer and Lou agree to meet at his office in a month.

Chapter 2

• Four weeks later, Lou and Dr. Breuer meet at his office to discuss Nietzsche.

• Lou tells Dr. Breuer that Nietzsche proposed marriage to her, which he later learned was a mistake.
• Nietzsche writes Lou a letter, full of suicidal references.

• Lou gives Dr. Breuer two of Nietzsche's books.

Chapter 3

• As Dr. Breuer goes home, he sees his friend Sigmund Freud walking in the rain.

• Freud goes to Breuer's home, where he is a regular. Mathilde and the children confide in Freud.
• Freud...

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