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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Angels on the Ceiling and You Don't Want to Know.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What didn't Esmeralda mean to steal from the baby's piggy bank?
(a) Pennies.
(b) Quarters.
(c) Pesetas.
(d) Nickels.

2. What is wrong with the food Esmeralda eats on the plane to New York?
(a) The food is overcooked.
(b) The food tastes like salt.
(c) There isn't enough food.
(d) The food is unfamiliar.

3. What illness does Francisco die from?
(b) Meningitis.
(c) Appendicitis.
(d) Cancer.

4. What happens when Esmeralda walks home with Johannes?
(a) Esmeralda slaps him.
(b) Johannes tries to kiss Esmeralda.
(c) Esmeralda falls in the creek.
(d) Johannes carries her things.

5. Which memory causes Esmeralda to cry in "El Mangle"?
(a) The memory of watching sunsets from the porch with her father.
(b) The memory of her old school.
(c) The memory of Abuela's house.
(d) The memory of the flamboyan tree in the backyard.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Dona Andrea, what happens if a child hits his/her mother?

2. What does Tata's breath smell like?

3. To what does Esmeralda compare Miss Jimenez's calves?

4. When Mami was fed up with Papi, where does she go?

5. What do the families hang from the rafters in "Mami Gets a Job"?

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