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This place is where the family lives until the main character is four.


Esmeralda's mother moves to this city with the children when the fighting between her parents grows too heated.

La Parada #26, Stop 26

This place becomes home to Esmeralda's family.

Macun Elementary School

Esmeralda's first experience of education is here.

El Mangle

The family moves here after the bicycle accident.

Calle Castro Vina

This is where the family stays when the mother returns to New York.

Sabana Grande

This is where the family moves after the mother returns from New York the second time.

Ramon Emererio Betances School

Ramona goes to this place when the family lives at Sabana Grande.


The mother and her younger children arrive here to start their lives over.

PA 66

Esmeralda auditions for a spot in this place.

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