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Lesson 1

Objective: Jibara and Fighting Naked Told from the perspective of a child, Santiago's memoir presents a unique set of challenges for the reader. Although the reader witnesses cultural change and exchange through the child, it is difficult to determine the narrator's reliability. The objective of this lesson is to engage students with the tension between authenticity and truth that emerges in Santiago's memoir through the child's narrative perspective.

1) Group Work: If students are unfamiliar with point of view, provide students with terms and definitions. Then, ask students to discuss the narrative voice of the novel. Who is the narrator? How would you characterize the point of view of the book? Then, decide if the narrator is reliable or unreliable, or perhaps somewhat reliable. Provide evidence to support your answer.

2) Class Discussion: Ask students to share their thoughts on the point of view of the book. Discuss the...

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