When I Was Puerto Rican Fun Activities

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Make a Map

Create a map of Puerto Rico on which you locate the significant locations from the book. Include major towns and cities as well as the location of any other significant places in the text.

Puerto Rican Cooking

Select one of the dishes Santiago describes in the book, find a traditional recipe for this dish, prepare it, and bring it to class for a Puerto Rican food festival. This activity may require parental permission or assistance.

Sketch a person

Select a person from the story and draw or sketch the person's appearance based on Santiago's descriptions.

Dress Like Esmeralda's Family

Based on clues from the text, put together an outfit that a person in the memoir might have worn.

A la Santiago

Mimicking Santiago's style in this book, write a short memoir essay about an event in your life.

Perform a Bolero

Find the lyrics to...

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