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Paul Kalanithi
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Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname did Paul's father call him?

2. When Paul first returned to his residency in Part 2, Section 2, how many cases did he decide he would do a day?

3. In Part 2, Section 3, what day of the week did Paul begin chemotherapy?

4. What was the name of Paul's oncologist in Part 2, Section 1?

5. In Part 2, Section 4, how did Emma make her pronouncement about how much time Paul had left?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why didn't Paul attend his graduation?

2. What did Paul see on a CT scan at the beginning of Part 2, Section 3, and how did he feel about what he saw?

3. When Paul returned to taking full responsibility for his patients in Part 2, Section 2, how did he feel and how long did it take him to get used to the work load?

4. How did Paul describe his oncologist when he first met her in Part 2, Section 1?

5. What was offered Paul if he went to work in Wisconsin?

6. How did Paul like to suture a patient's skin after surgery?

7. Why did Paul and Emma decide to include Avastin in his treatment plan in Part 2, Section 3?

8. What was M&M?

9. What type of chemo did Emma Hayward recommend for Paul?

10. What message did Paul leave for his daughter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paul was a rare physician who loved and understood literature. How did Paul use literature and his medical studies to understand life and the human existence?

Essay Topic 2

The title of the book was "When Breath Becomes Air." What does that title mean and how did Paul's breath become air?

Essay Topic 3

Paul believed that somber, respectful medical students often transformed into callous, arrogant doctors. What experiences did medical students have that transformed them into calloused, arrogant doctors? Why did they often forget the human side of medicine as their studies progressed?

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