When Breath Becomes Air Fun Activities

Paul Kalanithi
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Last Days

Discuss with a group how you would spend your time if you knew you had a short time to live.


Write ten questions you would ask Paul Kalanithi if you could interview him.


Create a collage of items that Paul's wife might have created for their daughter to help her know who her father was.

Funeral or Memorial Service

List the elements (music, speakers, photos, etc.) you would like to have for a funeral/memorial service for yourself or for someone you care about who has died.


Create a glossary of words used in the book along with their definitions.


List some of the common signs of cancer.

Abraham Verghese and Sherwin B. Nuland

These men wrote books that influenced Paul. Read one of their books.


Read some of Paul's essays he wrote when he knew he was dying. Write an...

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