When Breath Becomes Air Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Paul Kalanithi
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Essay Topic 1

When Paul graduated from high school, becoming a doctor was last on his list of careers. What was Paul's experience with medicine and why was he so against becoming a doctor at that time in his life?

Essay Topic 2

Paul's life was shaped by events and people from his childhood. What were the main events and people that shaped who Paul became and how did those events and people shape his life? What was the strongest influence and why?

Essay Topic 3

Paul's college studies were mainly a search for the meaning of life. How did Paul search for meaning in life and what influences, experiences, and studies lead him to a definition of the meaning of life? How did he define what gave life meaning?

Essay Topic 4

When Paul finished his undergraduate studies, he was still looking for the definition of a biological philosophy. What was...

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