When Breath Becomes Air Character Descriptions

Paul Kalanithi
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Paul Kalanithi

This person was about to become a neurosurgeon and professor when he learned he had cancer.

Lucy Kalanithi

This person was an internist who became a mother and lost her husband to cancer within a short period of time.

Abraham Verghese

This person was a writer and physician who only met the author of the book once and who only got to know the author after his death through the author’s memoir.

The Author's Father

This person was a physician whose influence caused his middle son to not want to be a physician and who later became a strong advocate for his son when his son developed cancer.

The Author's Mother

This person did everything she could to provide her sons with a good education, and she was responsible for giving her middle son a love of literature.

The Author's Patients

These individuals were people a...

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