When Breath Becomes Air Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paul Kalanithi
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Forward and Prologue

• The foreword was written by Abraham Verghese.

• Although Verghese met Paul once, he felt that he really got to know Paul after his death.

• Verghese didn’t contact Paul after their meeting because he knew Paul needed to spend time with his family.

• Verghese found great beauty in Paul’s writing and compared Paul’s writing to some of his favorite writers.

• Verghese received a copy of Paul’s manuscript two months after Paul’s funeral and was very moved.

• The Prologue began with Paul describing how he lay in a hospital bed looking at his CT scans as he had looked at many for his patients.

• This time, though, they were his.

• Both he and his wife agreed that the scans showed cancer.

• Six months before, Paul had gone to see a doctor because he was having extreme pain and weight loss.

• Both Paul...

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