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Paula Giddings
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1874, what was the most formidable women's organization in Britain?
(a) The WCTU.
(b) The FCWB.
(c) The ECWO.
(d) The NACB.

2. Who was committed to Dr. S. Wier Mitchell's Hospital of Orthopedic and Nervous Diseases because of her inability to withstand the stresses of being educated and financially sound and having to care for ailing members of her family?
(a) Jane Addams.
(b) Laura Drens.
(c) Mary Stone.
(d) Martha Biggins.

3. Who organized the Colored Women's Progressive Association in 1880?
(a) Ida B. Wells.
(b) Sojourner Truth.
(c) Mary Ann Shadd Cary.
(d) Mary Stanton.

4. Who, in the chapter "The Quest for Woman Suffrage," was quoted as saying "divine law makes no distinction between the sexes"?
(a) Sojourner Truth.
(b) Reverend R.E. Wall.
(c) Frederick Douglass.
(d) Ida B. Wells.

5. What punishment did Maria receive for attempting to burn down her master's home in Massachusetts?
(a) Lynched.
(b) Burned at the stake.
(c) Sale to a tobacco farm.
(d) Banishment.

6. In the chapter "To Be a Woman Sublime," according to Francis Ellen Harper the nineteenth century is discovering what?
(a) "Woman's power over man."
(b) "Colored women."
(c) "Man's power over woman."
(d) "Woman herself."

7. To whom did Mary Church Terrell look to for help in her address to President Harrison?
(a) Federick Douglass.
(b) Marcus Garvey.
(c) W.E.B. Du Bois.
(d) Martin Luther King, Jr.

8. According to the chapter "To be a Woman Sublime," what was judged by where a woman wanted to go rather than by where she was?
(a) Character.
(b) Worth.
(c) Equality.
(d) Morality.

9. Where did Lucy C. Laney graduate from?
(a) Atlanta University.
(b) Cornell University.
(c) Princeton.
(d) William and Mary.

10. What did the chapter, "To Be A Woman Sublime" state to be a watershed in the history of Black women?
(a) The organization of th YWCA.
(b) The NAACP.
(c) The organization of the AAWO.
(d) The organization of the NACW.

11. Whom did Anna Julia Cooper state was the "finest woman I have ever known"?
(a) Ida B. Wells.
(b) Her mother.
(c) The slave whom acted as her mother.
(d) The slave master's wife.

12. Who from Columbia University described the late nineteenth century as a time of "rapid expansion, desperate competition and peremptory rejection of failure"?
(a) Micheal Miller.
(b) Orsen Walls.
(c) Stephen Strenton.
(d) Richard Hofstadter.

13. What did the text in the chapter "Prelude to a Movement" detail that captains of industry would later be called?
(a) "Freedom Fighters."
(b) "Robber barons."
(c) "Dismantlers."
(d) "Easers of Poverty."

14. Who, according to the chapter "To be a Woman Sublime," was the wealthiest and best educated Black woman of the time?
(a) Fannie Barrier Williams.
(b) Mary Church Terrell.
(c) Sojourner Truth.
(d) Ida B. Wells.

15. Who, according to a law passed by the House of Burgesses, had to give female slaves permission before they could marry?
(a) The local government.
(b) The slave-master of the premises.
(c) Their master.
(d) The federal government.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what city did Black washerwomen announce that they were going to charge a standard rate for their work? (1866)

2. According to an article in "The Independent," as referenced by the text in the chapter "Defending Our Name," what did White women prefer to happen to "keep their husbands straight"?

3. Who wrote an editorial in the newspaper "Free Speech" that spoke of the lynching of the grocer?

4. Where was Mary Church Terrell living when she heard the news of the grocer's lynching?

5. Who, at an 1869 convention, spoke in support of the Fifteenth Amendment?

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