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Sonya Sones
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Robin decide that he needs to break up with Sophie?
(a) Because he knows that she still loves Dylan.
(b) Because he blames himself for all of the ridicule that she is facing from the other kids at school.
(c) Because he feels that he has outgrown her.
(d) Because he wants to try to date one of the models from his art class.

2. By what nickname do Sophie's friends call her?
(a) Lily.
(b) Fifi.
(c) Sophers.
(d) Peach.

3. What is Robin's art teacher's name?
(a) Greg.
(b) Hans.
(c) Felix.
(d) Ramona.

4. Why do Robin's parents go to Vermont every February?
(a) To go out to dinner for their anniversary.
(b) To visit family.
(c) To attend a preschool convention.
(d) To go on a wine-tasting tour.

5. What college does Mr. Schultz's friend work at?
(a) Columbia.
(b) Harvard.
(c) Yale.
(d) Princeton.

6. Why does Robin wish that Sophie was with him at the second college art class?
(a) Because he loves her and misses her when he is at class.
(b) So she could see that another girl is interested in Robin.
(c) Because he is lonely and wants a friend to keep him company.
(d) So she could learn all of the cool art techniques that he is learning.

7. Who does Robin correctly name as the artist who said, "I don't know anything about music. In my line of business, you don't have to." ?
(a) Bob Dylan.
(b) Bono.
(c) Elvis.
(d) Sting.

8. What distinguishing feature does Robin Murphy have?
(a) A mustache.
(b) Red hair.
(c) Long curly hair.
(d) Purple eyes.

9. What insult does Robin hear Dylan say to Grace when she trips in the hallway?
(a) "Why don't you just go date Robin?"
(b) "Don't be such a Stein."
(c) "Don't be such a Murphy."
(d) "Don't be a loser like Sophie."

10. How do Sophie and Robin act in the halls?
(a) They make out against the lockers.
(b) They ignore each other.
(c) They yell at the other students.
(d) They hold hands.

11. Why does Robin say that he can never tell his parents anything?
(a) Because they are too busy to listen.
(b) Because they tell him to just focus on his schoolwork instead.
(c) Because they just tell at him.
(d) Because they are great listeners.

12. Robin says that he loves having a/an ____ for a girlfriend.
(a) Popular girl.
(b) Hot girl.
(c) Ballerina.
(d) Artist.

13. What do Sophie and Robin do when they are alone at her house after school?
(a) Drink alcohol.
(b) Yell at each other.
(c) Have sex.
(d) Make out.

14. How does Robin get to his first college art class?
(a) Sophie drops him off.
(b) His mom drops him off.
(c) He takes the bus.
(d) He walks since he does not have a driver's license.

15. When did Robin begin dating his new girlfriend?
(a) Christmas break.
(b) The first day of school.
(c) Spring break.
(d) On his birthday.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the model in Robin's first college art class?

2. Where does Robin overhear Sophie and her friends talking about him the next day at school?

3. What does Robin tell his mother when she picks him up from the college art class on the night he was first invited to go out?

4. Why does Robin turn down an invitation to go out to dinner with his classmates after the college art class?

5. Who does Sophie introduce to Robin when she sees him back at school?

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