Objects & Places from What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know

Sonya Sones
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Football Field Goalpost

This object is the meeting spot for Robin and Sophie. Throughout the novel, they meet at this object after school and then they either go to Robin's house, Sophie's house, or the museum.

Cafeteria Table

This object is the place where Robin and Sophie meet for lunch when they first start dating. When Rachel and Sophie become friends again, Rachel joins Robin and Sophie here.


This object is where Robin and Sophie start eating lunch when the teasing from the kids at school becomes too much.This spot represents a respite for Robin and Sophie from the chaos that their dating is causing at school.

The Art Museum

Robin and Sophie first talk to each other on a trip here. Throughout the novel, Robin and Sophie spend many days here, sitting and sketching together.


This place is the college where Robin is allowed...

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