What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Sonya Sones
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Essay Topic 1

The relationship between Robin and Sophie is impacted by the way that other people react to it. Though Robin and Sophie try to ignore the negativity, it weighs heavily on their happiness. This is not the only example of how the opinions of others influence the actions and attitude of other people. Give three examples of other characters who act a certain way because they feel like they should, based on other people's opinions. Explain your answers.

Essay Topic 2

Art plays a pivotal role in relationship of Robin and Sophie. Discuss the ways that the teenagers use art to express their feelings. How does art help or hurt their relationship? Do you think that Sophie and Robin would be together if they did not share a love of art?

Essay Topic 3

Robin and Sophie deal with a lot of adversity in regards to their relationship. The...

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