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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Four, where does Al meet Sammy for their night out?
(a) In a dark alley.
(b) At the newspaper office.
(c) At the restaurant.
(d) At Sammy's apartment.

2. In Chapter Four, when they are talking, how does Billie say she feels about Al?
(a) She thinks of him as a friend.
(b) She thinks he is sweet and she likes him.
(c) She thinks he needs to improve his game.
(d) She is using him to get closer to Sammy.

3. What excuse does Sammy give for not keeping in contact with Rosalie?
(a) He thinks Rosalie is trying to suck him dry.
(b) He says he couldn't help it and he didn't want to hurt her.
(c) He tells Al to mind his own business and doesn't give an excuse.
(d) He says he's too good for her.

4. In Chapter Two, how does Sammy betray Julian?
(a) He renames Julian's manuscript and claims it for his own.
(b) He publishes Julian's manuscript in the paper without Julian's consent and he renames it.
(c) He sells the manuscript under Julian's name, but changes then name.
(d) He gives Al permission to do whatever he wants with the manuscript.

5. In Chapter Two, how much does the manuscript end up selling for?
(a) Ten grand.
(b) Seventy thousand.
(c) Eight grand.
(d) Fifty thousand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some of the members of the Guild want to exclude others. Who do they want to exclude?

2. What does Al mean when he says his own voice is filled with inadequacy?

3. What kind of script does Collier ask of Sammy?

4. After Al arrives in Hollywood, when does he meet up with Sammy in Chapter Three?

5. How does Al feel about The Guild?

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