What Jamie Saw Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Jamie see at the beginning of the story?

Jamie wakes up to see Van throwing his baby half-sister Nin across the room. Luckily, and miraculously, Jamie's mother Patty walks into the room at the same time and catches Nin in her arms.

2. How does Van react to what he has done?

Van's actions seem to be very impulsive, lacking any thought. As soon as he realizes what he has done, he stands alone in the center of the room with his head hung and staring at the ground.

3. How does Patty react to what Van does?

Once Patty catches Nin, her attention moves immediately to Jamie, telling him that everything will be okay and to get out of bed and walk slowly towards her. Once she feels all her children are safe, she tells takes them down to the car before heading back inside to gather a few things.

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