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Van's House - Jamie, Patty and Nin are living here when Van takes the baby and throws him across the room.

Earl's Apartment - When Patty spirited her kid's away from Van and his abuse, she drives them here.

Silver Trailer - Earl owns this on the outskirts of town. It is located by a pond and surrounded by mountains.

The Pond - Earl teaches Jamie how to skate here.

Magic Book - This is Jamie's most treasured possession.

Christmas Carnival - Jamie wins a ring toss here and brings home a stuffed animal for his baby sister.

Patty's Buick - Patty is forced to drive her kids around in this old, unreliable car.

The A&P - Patty's only source of income is her earnings from this part-time job.

Patty's Support Group - Jamie's teacher arranges for Patty to join this group.

Christmas Cactus - Mrs...

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